in the life of the Servants
of the heart of Jesus

The Servants of the Heart of Jesus, are aware that the charism received is a gift to be shared, offer the opportunity to those who feel attracted to the mission entrusted to them in the name of the church , to collaborate with them. Also, in all their communities you can find a place for a time of healing, accompaniment, spiritual renewal, or to discern a call.

Living with the Servants of the Heart of Jesus

Following a retirement

support a project

become a volunteer

discern a call


be accompanied

The Servants of the Heart of Jesus are available to welcome people.

In every community, you can find rest and benefit from listening, from prayer and spiritual accompaniment of religious.

Supporting a project

The Congregation of the Servants of the Heart of Jesus continues its mission throughout the world. You can take part in his mission by helping the projects of the communities of Cameroon and Madagascar. Participating in these projects will be a way for you and for us to contribute to the development of local people and improve their living conditions.


Development of the Oliva Uhlrich home where the sisters welcome about sixty girls and boy for integral formation that prepares them to find a place in life.


Construction of the home of interns for young girls in vocational discernment.


Installation of solar panel in the noviciate house in Madagascar in order tooffset the high cost of electricity


Construction of a spiritual center for groups of people who wish a spiritual renewal: for a time of retreat, reflection, rest.


Development of a farm in our community of Cameroon


Shared housing project in the Dauendorf community in France

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Becoming a volunteer

The Servants of the Heart of Jesus are open to the welcome of volunteers who wish to collaborate with them in their mission. This collaboration takes place with respect for the life of each community.

Your help
Volunteers can commit for a time, depending on their skills, to young people, girls and boys, at the Oliva Uhlrich Home in Madagascar by offering courses in French, computer science, cooking or other subject matter, as needed. Similarly in Cameroon to help sisters in the field of permaculture, language courses, school help, etc.

Your Prayer
You can commit to participating in Eucharistic worship on a regular basis. Some thirty participates in the main mission of the Congregation through their commitment to Eucharistic worship at st. Elizabeth’s Chapel in Merlebach (In Lorraine).
Each month a eucharist is celebrated at the intentions of all our volunteers.

a call

There are many possibilities to put our life in the service of others. Yet there is universal and common appeal to everyone, the call to holiness. Pope Françis invites each person to live a discernment praying to find within oneself, in relation to others, and in the world, the place that corresponds to it. Through service, work, family life, friendships, sport, recreation or a call to a consecrated life, there are many ways to follow the lord. The servants of the Heart of Jesus are available to share, to bear witness to their religious life, and accompany people who have the desire to make a call.

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