The community of the Servants of the Heart of Jesus (Nazareth) is one of the congregations in the diocese of Bafoussam which is located at the entrance to the city of Bafoussam, especially towards the building of Africa construction, in the district Ndiandam. Our community is after bilingual high school. It is located between the parish of St. Peter of Ndiembou and that of the Sacred Heart of Ndiandam. We are very active in pastoral care within the Sacred Heart Parish of Ndiandam. This year, our pastoral care is spread over several parts.

We witness the love of the Heart of Jesus

Eucharistic worship is vital in our congregation and in the Church. She's our first mission. It is for this reason that we have taken on the responsibility, twice a week, to animate in our parish and thus offer Christians the opportunity to experience the encounter with God through the worship of the holy sacrament.

For us, the Servant Sisters of the Heart of Jesus, apostolic life or pastoral care is part of our mission within the Church and our congregation. As baptized and religious, we are called to follow Jesus and respond to his love, like the disciples he called and sent on a mission. (Mt 9.35; 10.1-56-8)."The twelve, Jesus sent them on a mission…Go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel." This leads us to live our charisma in the Church and to be with our brothers and sisters who need our help.

Each sister in a community is called upon to participate in the various activities in the parish. Sister Madeleine, takes care of the catechism with the children in first year every Sunday, (in addition to the group of the sacred Heart, and the sick of Koutaba). Sister Marie Anne deploys for the animation of worship twice a week at the CEB (Base Ecclesial Community) which sits every Monday, Sister Brigitte supervises the vocational group, ensures the catechism at the JED as well as embroidery.

At the level of the vocational group in the parish, we teach young people to know Jesus, to establish a personal relationship with Him. And from there, discover and discern what they feel called to, their own vocation. We are a small group, and we help them discover their vocation and what God expects of them. For us it is a grace to pass on to young people our lived experience with God, to help them find their way. It is a joy for us because at the same time we continue to deepen this mystery of vocation, this free gift from God. The Gospel reminds us of this: "You have received for free and give for free"Mt 10.8.

The catechism at the JED (Young In Difficulties) is of real scope for young people looking for an integration into social life. Thus, they are taught not to remain locked up in their difficulties, but to know the love of God which will be of great help to them especially in the difficulties of life. Our founder (Dear Mother) said: "Love Jesus and make his love known." The catechism we give to young people in this training centre of the Priests of the Sacred Heart of Saint Quentin helps us a lot to live our mission and our charisma. We have the joy of sharing and discovering more of God's presence through these children and young people who are thirsty and hungry for the desire to make God known and receive in their lives despite their mental and physical handicap.

Embroidery is a gift we received for free from God. And that we put them at the service of our young people who need to seek their future by learning or doing this exercise. Our goal is to push them to discover in themselves the gifts that God has put in them. We want to encourage them to be able to do and build good things, whether they are versatile and self-reliant in life.

In parish catechism, we introduce the catechumens to prayer, we show them how important prayer is in everyday life, even in the smallest things. Show children how to serve Jesus during the day at school, at the neighbourhood, at home. Show them how they can do many acts of love by sharing with their friends and forgiving.

With the Sacred Heart group, we organize teaching moments.On November 29, it was the first meeting with Father Alphonse and some members of this group. The theme was "to be met by God." Our goal is to live our Christian life in depth, to educate their children well in faith, to love the Heart of Jesus to make him love. During the year the members prepare for the consecration to the Sacred Heart.

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